Quality Time

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - September 25, 2021

One way to be happy is to be grateful. Yeah, be grateful for what we have without having to compare it with others. We all know that everyone has their own challenges in life.  Don't put others down just to look better.  Just enjoy our life.  Do and give our best.

For me, one form of gratitude is spending time with my family.

I started my day with doing sports with my husband and my son at Megamas. There is always a car free day on Saturday and Sunday, as I said on my previous blogspost.

The weather this morning was not too hot, just cloudy but not raining. I was so lucky. :)

Taka likes cycling

As usual, Taka rides the bike. He has to wait for Saturday and Sunday to be able to ride the bike freely like this. 

About an hour later, we returned home because Taka and Mas Ryan had to get ready for online school and course.

After they finished their activities, we went to Linow Lake, Tomohon. Yes, for the third time, we were there.

At least, there are three main reasons why Linow Lake is our favorite:
  1. The place is easy to access, quite close from Manado.
  2. Cheap entry ticket.
  3. It's suitable as a place to contemplate.
I remember what my father said that another way to be grateful is to be close to nature. it can soften our heart.

Here's some photos that I took from some sides at Linow Lake.

Candid shot by my husband. :D

Thank Allah for this day.

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