Met Anpanman in Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - September 29, 2021

Light rain had been greeting us when we arrived in Kobe Harborland Station. We didn't wait for the rain to stop. It seemed like it was going to rain even harder. So, we chose to head to our main destination, Anpanman Children's Museum, while enjoying the surroundings

Oh yeah, It was our third day in Osaka. First day, we strolled arround Dotonbori. Second day, we visited Universal Studio Japan. All of them are still in Osaka. And the third day, we went to another prefecture. Yeah, Kobe is a part of Hyogo Prefecture. However, they are still in the same region, Kansai.

Kobe Anpanman Childrean's Museum is easy to access. From hotel we were staying, we headed to Yodoyabashi Station. It took only 500 meters on foot. We went to Umeda Station by Midosuji Line. It needed about two minutes. Umeda-Osaka station is like a gateway. So, if we want to go to other prefectures like Kyoto, Hyogo, etc, we have to come here first. Then, by Kobe Line, we went to Kobe Station. We took about 30 minutes. Last, from Kobe Harborland to museum, we reached it 5 minutes on foot.

Our decision to go to the museum without stopping by was exactly right because the rain was getting heavier when we got there.

I was grateful I could take this photo in the middle of the rain before entering the museum building.
Hi, Anpanman. Nice to meet you.

In Indonesia, Anpanman may not be very well known, except for those wo really idolize him. But in Japan, who doesn't know Anpanman. I'm sure all Japanese people, especially children, are familiar with this fictional character. Anpanman is a superhero who has a head shaped like an anpan (Japanese sweet round bread filled red bean pasta). His job is to protect the world from the onslaught on supervillain named Baikinman. 

In Japan, Anpanman Children's Museum is located in 5 cities. They are Sendai (Tohoku Region), Yokohama (Kanto Region), Nagoya (Chubu Region), Fukuoka (Kyushu Region), and the place we visited when we traveled to Kansai... KOBE (Kansai Region).

Kobe Anpanman Children's museum consists of two floors. First floor is shopping mall and second floor is museum. We don't need to buy an entrance ticket to get into the first floor. It's free. But, in order to enter the second floor, we have to buy a ticket.  

And... here's our adventure there.

Anpanman souvenir that is only available in Kobe.

The trash can is so cute. How I can't fall in love. :D

Welcome to the Anpanman's World.

Taka's trying to make a fire.

Taka was selling ice cream.


Taka was pretending to control the machine.

Happy cooking.

What were you looking for?

Byee, Anpanman. See you next time.

We returned to Osaka in the evening using the same route as when we went to the museum. Taka said he was so pleased. Alhamdulillah.


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