Dear, My Peaceful Hometown

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - September 17, 2021

My childhood memories come to my mind every time I think about my hometown. I never thought that now I'm so far away from the place where I was born and raised. When I was little, I ever asked myself: could I see the world, could I go out? I was so curious about places beyond my hometown. 

Alhamdulillah, Allah granted my requests.

But, then, what?

I miss my hometown, the peaceful place. When I am far from there, I just realize that my heart is bound to that place. It makes me remember the proverb: setinggi-tingginya/sejauh-jauhnya bangau terbang, pada akhirnya akan kembali ke pelimbahan juga. :)

Yeah, I will definitely come back, but not now. I still want to live in and move to many different places. I am learning a lot about the life values. But, trust me, wherever I go, wherever I am, and whatever I do, hometown will always be in my heart.

Dear, my peaceful hometown, I owe you a lot.

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