My Own Quote Collection

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - September 09, 2021

I like making quotes. It's like a reminder for me.

Here's my own quote collection. Hopefully, I will remember what I wrote especially when I am feeling anxious.

1. Some people try to be good, others try to look good. Which one are you?

2. When you let bad memories go, the happiness comes.

3. It’s not just about the theory, but the important thing is the practice.

4. Don’t be sad if you fail. Everyone does.

5. Everyone we talked and met is struggling and fighting we know nothing. We don’t know, maybe they are hiding their wound behind the smile. Be kind. Just this.

6. Not only you, everyone feels blank when being a mom for the first time. Don’t push yourself too much. Believe me, you are a best mom for your own child. You can give the best for them. Aamiin.

7. Before deciding to be a mom, make sure that all your problems have been solved.

8. There is not failed people. Everyone is success at their own version with their own struggling. We are great. We have gone through much challenge until we are here now.

9. Be thankful of what you have. Not everyone is lucky like you.

10. People who don’t care used to be someone who is really full of empathy.

11. What you got when you were still innocent will affect your present character.

12. Sometimes, people choose not to be expressive not because they don’t have empathy, but because they hide their true feeling.

13. Everyone made mistakes, but not everyone admits.

14. No matter how far we wandered, how wonderful the places we visited, our heart is bound to hometown.

15. Solitude does not mean lonely. Sometimes, we need space from society for a while. It’s effective to understand ourselves more.

16. Once we choose something, we can’t simply come back. We need much time to repeat it all again. Before making decision, it’s crusial to ask ourselves what we really want.

17. Being productive doesn’t always mean doing so many activities which earn much money, but having quality time and space for ourselves or doing something we love most although we’re so busy and our energy is like absorbed by everyday routine. Yeaahh…. We can define it freely based on our own “belief”, can’t we?
18. People say not to judge a book by its cover, but they don’t realize that sometimes or often they see everything and everyone from their covers. Therefore, the most important thing you have to do before interacting with others is loving and accepting yourself. So, their words, especially bad words, will never affect you, your mood, no matter what they might try to make you down or just look down on you.

19. Sometimes, we have to go far farr farr awayy just to realize how we love our hometown so much.

20. It’s time for you to have a break. You’re done. What you’ve been through is enough. Take a deep breath for healing the unexpected anxiety you faced today. Tomorrow, you’ll be ready again to embrace everything with a better soul, enthusiasm, and… HOPE.

21. Fly high, go far, no matter what you are. No one can steal your dream.

22. Sometimes, all we need is to go. Just go. From another side we’re passing by, we can see more, we may find what we’re looking for.

23. In life, we have to pass unwanted matters to get things we want most.

24. Sometimes, we changed because we’ve learned or been hurt.

25. We don’t realize how precious thing until it’s difficult to be found.

26. All we need is “the solution”, not just “sorry”.

27. When we look everything from another side, we know and understand more.

28. Nature guides us how to find inner peace.

29. Being different doesn’t mean you’re wrong or failed. Sometimes, It’s just about the choice to be yourself.

30. Know nothing about yourself? Stay away from the noisiness for the time being.

31. Bad memories can be toxic. Set them free.

32. Going somewhere alone doesn’t always means you’re lonely, but independent.

33. Sometimes, the thing looks better or more beautiful from a distance.

34. You saw a loneliness, they found a freedom. When what we think is not what they feel.

35. People come, people go. So, why your heart can’t move forward and still stuck.

36. What kind of world do you want to raise your child?

37. You saw a loneliness, they found a freedom. When what we think is not what they feel.

38. Be grateful for every little thing we see, feel, hear, etc. Which favor of Allah we will deny.

39. Every season has their own stories.

40. A grateful heart, a peaceful mind, a beautiful life. :)

41. Love our imperfections perfectly.

42. When you've finally found true love, you don't need to compare yourself/yourlife to others anymore. You'll enjoy the process.

43. Judge less, understand more. 

44. You don't need to make others down to make you look better. 

45. EVERY woman was born beautiful. Respect yourself no matter what they said. Every woman has flaws, but we deserve to be happy in our own way as long as we don't hurt others. Don't be afraid of being ourselves.

47. Happiness and freedom are easy to find. Be at one with nature!

48. Life is a never-ending learning journey.

49. Sometimes, you have to dare to say "No!"

50. Love your self no matter what (although sometimes It's difficult). 

51. Peaceful inside, fresh outside.

52. Then, the world has been changing. Everyone must adapt so as not to become extinct.

53. Unpopular place sometimes is more awesome, at least for me.

54. Every moment you spent here will be beautiful memories.

55. Everything is temporary. Enjoy the rest of the time.

56. Don't be reactive, we'll regret it. Not everything we see/hear/read has to be commented on.

57. Don't compare yourself to others. It's not apples to apples. Just compare who you are now to who you were yesterday coz everyone has their own joys and tears.

58. Spending time in nature is one of the ways to keep our inner peace. :)

59. Money is just a tool, not goal.

60. Someday you'll definitely understand, "It's about effort". Doing the best is more important than being the best. :)

61. Don't measure people's success from what they have.

62. Be wise with your own (me)time.

63. Straightening out our intentions. We learn something to be a better person, not to impress others.

64. Everyone is a wanderer of their own journey and destiny. 

65. Jogging is about competing with your self.

66. We should get used to enjoying the process, not just the result. 

67. The first time, we were worried. The second time, we are ready. Perhaps, we've got used to doing it. Indeed, experience is the best teacher and practice makes perfect.

68. Sometimes, we worry about something we don't know or we are not through it yet.

69. Being able to enjoy the beauty nature of Allah's creation around us is the thing we must be thankful.

70. Why you should not feel despair. Our destiny has been written. We just have to live until finally Allah says to come back. 

71. Life is like a maze sometimes. It might be difficult for us to return once we come into.

72. Sometimes, we keep something that shouldn't be remembered in our minds.

73. The happiest people are those who don't lean on anyone except Allah.

74. How old were you when you realized that you were amazing/beautiful/worthy?

75. A quiet evening in the quiet place. As if It wants to say, "Fulfill your soul with the peacefulness!"

76. If we are grateful, Allah will definitely give us more more more and more. Alhamdulillah.

77. Let's take care of our physical and mental health. We deserve to be happy no matter what. We are surrounded by people who love us sincerely, unconditionally. They're our family (our spouse & child/children). 

78. Overthinking doesn't lead to insight.

79. Mistakes are a part of life that sometimes can't be avoided, but can be anticipated.

80. Love is a sense of comfort. It comes naturally. 

81. When I was young, I never imagined or wanted to be a queen or a princess like in Disney fairy tales.  It doesn't suit my character's style. I'd rather be a superheroine. 🤣 But after becoming the only woman in my family, honestly I feel like a queen and a princess. 😆 Thanks for loving me unconditionally, my men. May Allah give you both the best. Aamiin.

82. For those who feel unpretty or unhandsome, read this!
Basically, all women are beautiful, all men are handsome. Allah created us perfectly. But, sometimes, we look down on ourselves just because of a little thing.
Stop thinking like that.
All you need is to upgrade yourself to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an idol or popular. It’s not important. It doesn’t affect your future. 🙂
Well, honestly, sometimes, because of feeling unpretty/unhandsome, you will be focus to reach your own dream, a bigger thing. You also are not interested in seeking of attention. You will be an independent person. You will not rely on people’s opinion.
Wait for at least 10 years later. You will see the result of what you do now.

83. Not only in writing, but also in life, the opening is always being the hardest part. Starting new is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. But, when you succeed in stepping out of the box, you’ll grow & be stronger.

84. I am talking about ONE of the hardest part in life, about starting new one. It’s almost difficult to begin. Sometimes, we feel scared about the thing we have not known yet. It’s normal because everyone feel the same too. All we need is to break it all and step forward no matter how hard it is.

85. For me as a wanderer, although exploring new thing and new place is so interesting, but in the other side honestly it’s uneasy. But, so far, I enjoy it, I enjoy every moment I passed. I thank for every experience I take. It makes me grow and better.

86. Everyone has probably different reaction to respond their emotional scars in their life. some choose to hurt others with their words, always argue. Others choose to be a better. I have experience with first type. I decide to stay away and ignore. Honestly, I also have trauma. Yeah, everyone HAS it. Not only you.

87. Don't be ignorant or act as if you are strong.
88. Do whatever u want as long as u don't hurt anyone

89. You don't have to be perfect, just do your best.

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