Kawasan Megamas, My Favorite Place in Manado

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - September 12, 2021

One of my favorite places here, Manado, is Kawasan Megamas. It's a reclamation area with 37 hectares (I got this information from the celebes site). It is located not far from I live, only about 500 meters - 1 km. I found that place by coincidence.

When I was still a new resident here (about 4 months ago), I only saw Megamas from the outside. Although the location is quite famous for the people of Manado, but at that time I was still not interested to come in. From the side of main road, all I see is just a shopping area. So, even though I pass by the area almost every day, I still have no interest in stopping by Megamas. What's the difference with the others, nothing special, that's what's on my mind. 

But, I'm totally WRONG!!

One night, when we just went from somewhere and the umpteenth time right past this area, I said to my husband, "Mas, Let's come by here for a while," and he answered, "Yes!"

I just want to know, what kind of area that is quite famous among Manado people is like.  And it turns out, the area is not I thought, behind the shophouses I saw as if there was another world. Since then, we often go there, at least on weekends.

Then, what makes the Megamas area my favorite place. For me, here are some reasons:

1. The location is strategic, not far from home.

We don't need much effort to reach it. The distance is less than 1 km. By walking or by car, both can. We don't have to go far just to refresh our mind. It's a super short escape place.

2. There is a car free day every saturday and sunday from 5 to 9 am, yeah twice a week. My son can bike on that day. Alhamdulillah.

3. We can enjoy the sea and beautiful sunset.

4. Some fast food restaurants provide drive thru (KFC, MCD, Starbucks, Burger King), so we don't have to get out of the car if we want to eat. That is very suitable in the current situation, isn't it?

5. We can picnic in the car while enjoying the beauty of the sea. We can bring food for lunch or buy it by drive thru or buy it at Indomaret/Alfamart which is there.

6. As I wrote above, Kawasan Megamas seems to have its own world. It provides many things, not entertainment, but also daily necessities. I can say Kawasan Megamas is complete. I also buy daily necessities here.

7. I can see the tip of Bunaken Island and the Manado tua Island from here.

8. There is a delicious meatball stall here: bakso solo samrat (Sam Ratulangi).

With the various advantages that the Megamas area has and makes the place my favorite place, Megamas will be the most mainstream place as long as I live in Manado for the next two years. It's like Tsukuba Senta when I lived in Japan some time ago.

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