Here's What I Got on My Way to Kobe Station from Anpanman Children Museum

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - October 11, 2021

Here's What I Got on My Way to Kobe Station from Anpanman Children Museum
Before I continue my story about traveling to Kyoto after visited Himeji Castle, I am going to write about what I got on my way to Kobe Station after almost a day enjoyed the Anpanman Children Museum.  
The rain was stopping slowly when we headed from the Anpanman Museum to the station. But, because the skies started getting dark, we decided to come back to Osaka soon. 

Even so, on the way to the station, we still had time to look arround. We stopped by at some spots. I took some pictures spontanous when I saw something that catched my eyes.

Honestly, we had a plan to visit Kobe Mosque. That place was used as one of shooting locations of La Tahzan film. That film was adopted from anthology that was written by FLP Jepang a community which I followed during my stay in Japan. Besides, I was so curious about the famous mosque in Kobe that is also the first and oldest mosque in Japan built in 1935. I had ever read about the historic mosque before I moved to Japan. But, unfortunatelly, the condition didn't allow it. Yes, I was sad. But I was still positive thinking. It means I have to come there one day. LOL.

So we enjoyed the rest of that day with just look around Kobe harborland while heading from Kobe anpanman museum to station. 

We were greeted with clean canal when we went out from museum. It's not suprised thing actually because Japan is known with cleanliness. But, It become amazing thing because when I am writing this, I am not in Japan anymore. :D

I remember the hadith which means cleanliness is part of faith. In Japan, it's not just a theory, it's a habit. Simple thing will give big impact if everyone does it.


The atmosphere was quiet at that time, I could take some photos freely.

I also felt lucky, there was a docking ship. :D

Byee. See you next time. :)

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