Seven Ideas for Traveling with Kids

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - October 09, 2021

To be honest, there are many ideas for traveling with kids. You don't have to go to a far and expensive place if the condition doesn't allow it. The point is to make kids explore the environment, right? So, wherever the place and wherever the destination, it can be realized. I've ever written here about the basic skills that kids will get by traveling. Those are exploration, problem solving, social, life, and communication skill. For us as a mom, traveling with kids can make us more patient. LOL. See? The main purpose of traveling with kid is not to show off on social media, but to learn, not only for kids but also for us as their parents.

In this post, I write seven ideas for traveling with kids we can do.

1. The simplest thing is to explore our home's surroundings. We don't need to go far. We can start it from the yard. Encourage our kid to observe what's there.

2. We can continue our exploration to a place that is little far from home, for example a park. If our kid is not in school yet, this place can also be a interaction way with other kids although it can't be like usual because of the pandemic. The example of interaction learning is by sharing space, no bothering each other, or the like.

3. Going to the garden or field can we do. If our father or our kid's grandfather has fields, we can take them to visit there sometimes. There's a lot of things which kids will observe and learn. One of them is that all the food they eat comes from field through the uneasy process. Our hope is our kid will be able more to appreciate foods they consume.

4. We can also explore the city where we currently live. What tourist attractions are safe to visit in our city? Our kid will be able to get to know more about the place they are living. That's good, isn't it?

5. Going to the mountain or beach or museum.

6. Then, traveling to the place that is so far (another city/province, inter island, or even go abroad).

7. Taking a virtual trip with our kid is the right choice amid pandemic like now. Browsing tourist attractions on google, youtube, or reading travel stories are some examples of them. Kids will also learn that we still can travel wherever we want even though it's virtual.

After all, childhood will not return. Let's engrave their memories with fun things. One of them is with traveling. Of course, everything is returned according to the situation and conditions, right.


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