Potongan-potongan Ceramah Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan sebagai Pengingat Diri

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - March 01, 2023

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There is one thing if you can get it in this life it's more valuable than everything else. Everything else will be okay if you have this one thing. And that one thing is the closeness to Allah, is being good with Allah, and truly developing a connection and a bond with HIM. The problem with people is when life is good and only good for a lot of people they get distracted. You go from a video game, to a movie, to checking social media status, to hanging out with friends, to a restaurant, to sleep. Allah is out of the picture. There is no Allah left. It's just you chilling. That'll, there is.

I will never be able to understand your pain. And you will never be able to understand my pain. It'll never happen. Every situation is unique. Every heart is unique. Every ache is unique. And the only one who truly understands the pain that you're going through is Allah. The only one who will truly truly understand what you're going through and sympathize with you like no one else is capable of sympathizing with you even the best of your friends is going to be Allah. I know something from Allah that you people don't know. I know that Allah knows me the way you can never know.

So many decisions in our life as a matter of fact so many our emotions in our life are controlled by other people. How sad you are. How angry you are. How hurt you are. We're letting other people control how we feel. And when you really truly declare my master is Allah, the power creation has over you disappears like they're just creations. They have no power when Allah doesn't give them that power. And when HE strengthens your heart then whatever they have to say and do bounces right off of you and it doesn't hurt you anymore. Again, reality doesn't change, you change.

Allah created human beings in difficulty. And He created human beings in heavy burden. We certainly created the human being burried under heavy loads. Exhaustive labour. Emotionally you're struggling. Physically you're taxed you're struggling. Healthwise you may be struggling. Financially you may be struggling. Because of people you may be struggling. This life Allah designed it to be difficult. Sometimes you look at other people and you say they have it so much easier than I do. But you don't know what other difficulties Allah gave then that are invisible from you. Everyone has difficulties. Everyone has challenges.

Allah didn't make it easy for anyone. The devil comes to everyone. It doesn't matter if you're praying five times a day. It doesn't matter if you're in tahajud every single night. It doesn't matter if you do hajj every single year. It doesn't matter if you recited the entire Quran and you recited over and over and over again. That will never make you immune from the devil waiting for you and coming at you and coming at you and coming at you. And he doesn't attack people the same way. His attack is not the same for me as it is for you. He's gonna attack you the same way he attacks me. He will study you, find out your weaknesses, and come at you from your weaknesses. He will study me, find out my weaknesses, come at me from my weaknesses. He says to Allah.... He says I will attack them from 4 directions. I will attack them from the front. I will attack them from behind. I will attack them from the right. I will attack them from the left. How does he know that his attacks are successful well. You will not find that most of them are grateful. If he can figure out some way of making you and me ungrateful then he succeeded.

I discovered very late in life that one of the most valuable gifts you can have in this life are genuine friends, truly genuine friends. Who are happy when you're doing okay. They're happy at your success and they are sad at your failure. And they're there for you in difficult situation. And you're completely safe to talk to them openly and completely. And I've had many people that I thought were friends in my life, but they weren't. Just sometimes you get people in your life that are friendly, but they're not friends. Right.... And when the situation arises, then you realize what they really are. Right.... But I'm very grateful that I actually have now in my life genuine friends.

Shaitan's job is to actually change, take everything beautiful and make it ugly and to take everything ugly and make it beautiful. So the dean of Allah, the laws of Allah actually came to protect us from the harm we can do to ourselves. You know just like a child right. A child has uncontrolled emotions, uncontrolled desires. If a child likes chocolate and they have the feeling that they want to eat chocolate all day and you say well that makes them feel good just keep giving it to them. You're killing this child. You're causing their dental problems. You're causing them to have stomach aches. You're hurting them because you're following their feelings. While in a larger sense, human beings can be childish. Human beings can actually act like their feelings are all I care about is what I want to do. Just let me be happy. Doesn't matter what the word of Allah says. And when we do that, we're actually causing harm to ourselves. So what Allah does is he says it teaches us that sometimes our own feelings are actually the biggest danger to ourselves. You know he says the one who feared standing in front of his master and was able to stop their own self from running into one feeling after the other like they stopped their whims from distracting all of their actions.

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