The Simple Ways to Get Money from Writing Book and Blogging

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - November 22, 2019

I have been a writer since end of 2008. But, I have seriously started blogging in 2018. Before, I had many blog in wordpress, blogdetik, dagdigdug, posterous, etc just for releasing and sharing my feelings. I preferred writing book to blogging.

Since I've become a mom, I made a new blog on after followed my friend's online class, The Jannah Institute. I proved that not only writing book can give us money, but also blogging.

Then, how we can get money from blogging? Ehm... honestly, I am not an expert to share about this. I just give information based on my little experience.

1. Change your domain blog from free to top level domain (.com, .net, .id, etc)

It's the first step you have to do if you want to get money from blogging. You can buy it on many online store. I can't mention it one by one. You can search it by yourself on google. One you have to know, now, you can buy domain easily and cheap because many stores often give promo and discount.

2. Be active to write on your new blog periodically, such as one week one post or other options

3. Be active to search job

Now you can get it easily because job for blogger can be found everywhere. All you need is be proactive

4. Choose, which the way do you want to get money from blogging?
- By following blogging competition
- By reviewing product, website, etc as client's request
- By reposting the written article from client on your blog.
- All of them

And now, how about book writer?

You can also get enough money from this activity. To be honest, becoming a book writer is easier now than when I started it 11 years ago.

Basically, getting money from writing book is similar to blogging. You can do these ways:

1. Follow the writing book competition
2. Follow writing community
3. Apply to publisher directly
4. Be active to search what type of book which is needed by publisher or loved by reader
5. Be co-writer

Yes. It seems easy, doesn't it? LOL.

Don't forget that the most important things you have to have when writing book or blogging is IDEAS. There are so many ways to find ideas for writing book and blogging. The idea can come from bad or good 
experience, your activities, other writers' post/articles/books/writings, social media, and many more. The problem now is not how to find ideas anymore, but how to manage them to be good writing whether posted on blog or published on book.

What do you think? Which one will you choose? Writer? Blogger? Both of them? Or none? LOL.

Maybe, the simple tips what I shared here can be your alternative choice in your career, especially if you are a married woman or a mom. You can get money without leaving home, especially your children.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. It's nice to do what u say. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim 😊

  2. Both of them.. hehe.. aamiin.. may be, after I read this post, it will be my starting point mbak.. hehe thank you for the sharing mbak miyo..

  3. Surprised The Jannah Institute mentioned here! Blogging also the one of writing area, IMHO. But the difference is about media to use, isn't it? Miss u,my partner

  4. Ideas without good time management to be productive person... is nothing :')


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