Nine Useful Activities I Do while Waiting for Issuance of CoE

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - November 16, 2019

For my friends who often ask me when I will move to Japan to follow my husband, this... I write all on my blog post. So, you can read and also pray for me (whenever you want and remember).Thank youu so much. Hehehe.

Honestly, My husband and I want to see each other soon and don't want to be apart anymore. Moreover, we have been in a long distance marriage since Sept 2016. So, you can imagine how impatience we are. But, heyy, moving to another country is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, isn't it?

Several days ago have been a month since my husband submitted all documents for applying CoE. But, Immigration Bureau of Japan has not issued the CoE yet. In the other hand, my husband has been preparing to move from a single dormitory to a family dormitory. I don't know how to describe my feelings. Should I be happy because I still can enjoy my hometown or should I be sad because I still have to be patient... more... and more.

If you ask me when my CoE will be issued, sorry I don't know too. Based on many informations I got and also my husband's experience, CoE will be issued about one to three months after required documents were submitted.

But, if you ask me what CoE is, I am trying to explain like written below (sorry if it's not correct, just based on my own definition).

CoE or Certificate of Eligibility is like permission or guarantee letter which is issued by Immigration Bureau of Japan for foreigner who wants to live in Japan for a long period of time (more than three months). Getting CoE is not easy. We have to have a sponsor. My husband's CoE was taken care by his university. How about us (my son and me)? Yeah... my husband would be my sponsor. He took care of my CoE after arriving in Japan.

Every country has its own policy, include Japan. I don't know how other countries, but in my case (Indonesian who wants to move to Japan as temporary resident), having CoE is the most important thing before we take care of other things. Yeahh, that is my conclusion.

These are the procedures how "CoE" can make me and my son enter to Japan.

My husband as a sponsor will get the CoE from Immigration Bureau of Japan. Then, he will send it to me. I bet it takes a week sending a document from Tsukuba (Indonesia) to Malang (Indonesia). The CoE will be used to apply for dependent visa. Fortunately, we do not go to Jakarta to get the visa because we can submit our application for Japanese visa in Japanese Consulate General in the big city which is suitable with our ektp. For example if my ektp is located in East Java, I should apply visa in Japanese Consulate General in Surabaya. For others ektp, you can check the suitable embassy/consulate that you should go in the website.

If you want to know more about CoE clearly, you could go to this website. It might be useful for you one day.

While waiting for issuance of CoE, I think, my time will be not wasted if I spend it by doing positive activities.

Being patient doesn't mean we do nothing, but what we can do while waiting?

And then, what am I doing? I write it in nine points below.

1. Collecting information about Japan as much as I can

It's not my first time to wander. After married, I moved from my hometown in Batu to Bekasi, Bandar Lampung, and then Balikpapan. I was so excited being a wanderer. I learned so many things that I didn't get in my birth place. But, it will be my first experience living in another country which has different language, culture, etc. So, I think it's so crucial to look for the information about Japan as much as I can.

Fortunately, I can get it all easily now. At least, these are four sources which provide all information I need about Japan:

1. Websites
2. Legal e-books in Gramedia Digital
3. My friends who has been living or who lived in Japan
4. My husband

And... after collecting all about Japan randomly, I got these points about what I should do:

1. Learn Japanese language which can be downloaded freely on playstore.
2. Don't bring too many stuffs, bring only important stuffs, very very important. I shall write down what the stuffs or things that I bring.
3. Learn about local's habit. It will be useful to interact with each other.
4. Don't be careless, be polite.
5. Anything else?

2. Finishing my businesses here

Yeahh... I have to finish my several businesses here.

3. Working like usual

Fortunately, my work is remote. So, I can work everywhere and everytime. It helps me stay sane while waiting for CoE.

4. Spending quality time with my relatives

I am so thankful because Allah has given opportunities to me to be close with my family. We have been spending time and doing interesting activities together.

5. Preparing my mental

Becoming a new comer in a new place is quite difficult for the first time. Yeah... everyone feels like that. So, preparing mental well is a must.

6. Starting packing

What? Xixixi. Actually, It's optional. I have not packed my clothes yet. But, at least, I have made list which stuffs will be brought to Japan. Writing the list early can make us have time to check it again later.

7. Trying to lose my weight

What?? Yeahh.... My weight became over when I was getting pregnant. I just lost 25 kgs, but I feel still overweight. I wish I can give surprise to my husband when we meet again. I don't know whether I can get my weight like when I was young or at least before I became a mom. All I know is... trying. 🤣

8. Giving information a lot to my son

Although we (my husband, my son, and I) often go to somewhere together such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, etc by car or plane, but it's the real first time my son and I go to abroad. Yes, just my son and me.

My husband was always with us so I had a partner, but now... NO. I will take care of my son alone. So, It's so important for me to educate him about this. I wish he can coorperate. 😅

9. Praying

Yeahh... PRAYING is the most important thing we should do after the hard day we have gone through, isn't it?

Those are the points about my activities while waiting for CoE. Do you have any suggestions what other things I have to prepare while waiting for CoE?

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  1. Seruuu ya Mba bisa ikutan suami ke Jepang
    Semoga makin berkah dan rezeki melimpah ya Mbaaa

  2. Waaoo, lama nggak main ke blog ini, jadi berubah banyak artikel berbahasa Inggris, makin go internasional nih mba.
    Btw, biar lebih asyik, ada baiknya pasang widget translate mba.
    Jadi pengunjung dari berbagai negara bisa lebih nyaman membacanya :)

    Tapi keren mba :)

  3. Mantap jadi ga LDR an lagi ya mba, lebih tenang tentu. Semangat berjuang ya mbak. Pengen deh merantau juga. Jadi makin tertantang buat menjalani hari tentu 🤗 salam kenal dari saya.

  4. Sepertinya baru pertama kali Ujame mengunjungi blog ini,
    Keceee banget mba, karyanya banyak sekali dan tetap konsisten 10 tahun.

    Btw, boleh req dong mba hehe
    sharing artikel tentang kehidupan mba di Jepang ya!! Thank you ^^

  5. Berarti sudah 3 th ya LDM dengan suami, senangnya akhirnya bisa kumpul lagi dengan suami di Jepang.
    Perlu persipan mental juga ya untuk tinggal di negara lain. Semoga semuanya lancar dan bahagia bersama keluarga.

  6. Kirain tadi aku salah masuk blog hehehe ternyata gak. Betah-betah di sana ya mbak, jangan lpua berbagi pengalaman tinggal di sana nanti di blog

  7. well aku baru ngeh tentang CoE mba thank you for sharing, and happy waktu baca mba pernah move ke Bekasi wkwkwk kampungku mbaeee kampung yang sering dibully :D

  8. Semoga penantian panjang LDR ini bisa segera selesai ya, Mbak. Bisa kembali berkumpul bersama. Menyusul suami ke Jepang. Aamiin

  9. Thank you for sharing about your experince. May God bless you mbk.

  10. Good luck and hope you get new n amazing experience there, long will u n your family be there? For years?

  11. Semoga setelah ini segala sesuatunya berlangsung lancar dan dimudahkan sehingga bisa bersatu kembali ya di Jepang ASAP :)

  12. Oh lagi siap2 nyusul suami ke Jepsng y mba? Semoga lancar perjalanan dan happy selalu bersama kelg di sana..

  13. Semoga dimudahkan dan dilancarkan perjalanan menyusul suami ke Jepang ya, Mbak. Pasti udah gak sabar ingin berkumpul kembali setelah sekian lama LDR-an ya...

  14. Wow, keren deh bisa long distance selama itu. Aku 1,5 tahun aja, padahal cuma ke Papua, gak kuaaat. Heheheh, semoga selalu sabar, dan segera deh dilencarkan tentang CoE-nya. Duuuh, aku ngikik bagian nurunin BB. Emak-emak pisaaaan :D

  15. Miyosi ini pasangan LDM yg kerennnn menurutku as long as we known each other ya, Sis. Strong enough! I think, there is a way for a strong will. Bismillah ya Miy segera dipermudah. Apakah ini tanda aku hrs ke Malang segera dan reunian dulu ? 😅

  16. Wah bakal sering main ke blog ini kayaknya. karena suami saya ada rencana mau belaajr ke Jepang. Huhuhu harus belajar banyak nih

  17. Jadi pejuang LDM memang nggak mudah ya Mbak tapi syukuran ndak lama lagi Mbak dan suami bisa berkumpul kembali. Semoga lancar ya perjalanan menyusul suami ke Japan nanti.

  18. All the very best! I know exactly how it feels to move around the countries and we have lived in 4 different countries so far

  19. Lumayan berliku juga ya cara mendapatkan CoE ini, tak semudah di angan-angan. Tapi seneng dong ya bisa berkumpul dengan suami.

  20. Wuihh kece banget bisa LDM sampai 1,5 tahun saya sendiri kalau LDM or LDR ga kuat kak hahaa soale kadang ada rasa curiga juga.

  21. Wah akhirnyaaa, setelah sekian lama LDM-an dan sebentar lagi akan nyusul ke Jepang yaaaa, daijoubu desu, insyaAllah semua lancar, ikutan mendoakan ya mbak.
    Hihihi sembari nunggu belajar bahasanya ya mbak, ganbatteee :D

  22. Aku sama suami dulu pernah pengen pindah ke ln membesarkan anak-anak. Dulu pengen ke Brunei dan aku sampe gugling ttg segala macam ttg Brunei. Tapi Alhamdulillahnya kami tetap di Indonesia. Jadi penasaran keseruan mb di Jepang

  23. Wow it's awesome has remote work so can work from anywhere without wonder. I wish it can be approve it asap

  24. Senangnyaaa...
    Sebentar lagi uda gak LDR dan mengarungi bahtera rumah tangga di negeri Sakura.
    Semoga lancar segala urusannya dan dimudahkan.

  25. Barakallah yah mba, sekian lama menunggu dan akhirnya gak LDR lagi.. nanti cerita cerita di blog yah mba tentang parentingan di jepang..


Makasih udah ninggalin jejak yang baik ya, Teman-teman! :)