The Easy Steps to Get Indonesian Passport that New Applicants Have To Know (First: Applying Online)

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - November 02, 2019

Applying Indonesian passport is much simpler now. I proved it when applied for it in early August 2019.

I am going to divide my story in two parts: applying online and offline.

Honestly, I was so lazy at first to apply passport. I imagined how complicated and long the process would be. However, since I am going to move to another country, I have no choice but to apply for an Indonesian passport.

I still remembered when my niece applied a passport 5 years ago when she went to Singapore to attend Singapore Mathematic Olympiad. She had to come to immigration office early in the morning in order to get the queue number fast. I was really surprised when knowing the fact. Because of that reason, I kept procrastinating to make my passport. When many of my friends and relatives apply for passport to travel abroad, I was not interested to do the same. I thought that traveling does not always mean going abroad. Indonesia has so many places to be visited. Perhaps I am an anti-mainstream, but actually I was just indolent to apply for passport. Xixixi.

On the other hand, I was so jealous with my husband because he already has had a passport since 2011. His office took care of it. He went abroad several times for office duty, for instance visited Japan in 2011 or 2010 (sorry I forgot the correct year), Australia in 2015, London in 2016, Singapore and Malaysia in 2018.

Actually, I had a plan to make passport when I lived in Balikpapan because we had a plan to travel to Korea. We had bought promo ticket. But unfortunately, we had to cancel because I got pregnant so I chose to focus on my baby.

In 2019, my husband’s scholarship application was approved therefore we have to move to Japan, the country where my husband is going to study. Whether I like it or not, I must have passport. I was like... ehmm... how if the process is so complicated? But, I also know that I have to do it. LOL.

Then I started by looking for information about how to apply for a new passport. I browsed in google and found many things I need. I just knew that we do not need to come to immigration office directly for applying passport. It is different with the past. When I read it, I just hope that the process will not take so long.

I am going to write down several points about my experience applying passport in 2019. It might be useful for you who have same purpose.

1. Download "layanan paspor online" by dirjen imigrasi in playstore.
2. Open the application and you can find a display like this.

3. Check "saya setuju blablabla" and then click "konfirmasi".

4. You will find page about rules that you must read before continuing the process. There are 7 rules you have to agree. If you have read, then click "lanjut".

5. If you don't have account yet, please make it for the first time. Making new account here is like when we make account in Facebook or Email or etc. It's so simple.

6. After filling the form application, then click “daftar”.

7. Open again the application with new username and password.

8. Choose the immigration office where you'll apply your passport. It's better if you choose the location which is nearest to you home.

Unfortunately, when I chose Malang Immigration office, I could not continue because it's fully booked. There was no quota left for me. Hikss. What a pity.

9. What did  I do then? I chose Kediri. I was lucky because there were still few quotas that I could fill. Alhamdulillah.

10. After choosing which immigration office we will visit to apply passport, then we have to decide which day we will go there. I chose Friday.

11. You'll get booking code which you must capture and show it to the staff of immigration office.

It's all the process to apply passport through online application. But, it doesn't mean you don't need to come directly to immigration office. You still need to come there. I'll share it in another post.

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