The Easy Steps to Get Indonesian Passport that New Applicants Have To Know (Last: Applying Offline)

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - November 04, 2019

In my previous post, I shared my story about applying passport through online application. Now I am going to share the offline application process.

You still need to come to immigration office although you already apply online through the application. From the online application, you will get queue number. This number will be used when you come to the office so that the offline process will not take long time.

If you read my post before, you'll know that I chose Kediri immigration office because quota in Malang was full.

It took about two hours from Malang to Kediri. I went with my husband and son in the early Friday. We're worried if the traffic was crowded. So we thought going after having breakfast about 6 am was the best choice.

And... we were not wrong. We arrived in Kediri at 08.00 am. Oh yeah... I'll share our route too. From home, Beji Batu Malang, we were passing by Pujon, Ngantang, Kasembon, and finally... our destination Kediri.

For me, it was a second time going to Kediri. First, when I went to Yogya in 2018 through this city and second when I applied this passport.

I'll not tell more about Kediri as Kota Tahu. I promise I will share in another post. I just want to focus telling about applying passport.

Oh yeah, it's so important for you to ensure that your documents you carry is complete.They are:

1. Identity card (EKTP and KIA. "Kartu Identitas Anak" is optional but, I brought it)
2. Family card (KK)
3. Birth certificate
4. Bachelor degree certificate or last formal education certificate
5. Marriage certificate

Don't forget to carry stamp duty, ballpoint, and enough money. You also need to copy all documents. Although usually there are photocopy service, ATM, and little stationery shop in immigration office, but it's better if you prepare them all well from home.

When we arrived, the office was still quiet. It broke my imagination or ehm... my negative thinking about applying passport... hehehe. I am sorry. Hehe.

Okayy... I'll write the points when I applied passport offline in Kediri Immigration Office. I think it's same wherever we choose the location. So, I hope my sharing is useful.

1. You'll get the queue card when arriving to office. In kediri, I got from the staff directly.

2. You'll be asked for whom the passport is and what's the purpose for applying it. I thought at first we'll be asked seriously like in interview process but it turned out that the questions are informal.

3. You'll get documents like this you must fill in.

Don't hesitate to ask to the staff if you don't understand. I was lucky because my husband accompanied me.

Oh yeah i forgot to tell that to apply passport for kid, the parent must come to the immigration office.  Not only father or mother, but BOTH OF THEM.

4. After filling the documents correctly (don't fill too fast), give them to the staff to be checked. Then you'll be ordered to continue the next process.

5. Then, the staff will take your photo and do the interview. It took quite long time. But do not worry because there was playground for kids. My son played there while waiting the process.

Oh yeah... I was lucky because I got the priority. I thought maybe because I brought my child.

6. The process finished before Jumatan time. Last, I got this (like picture below) after paying it all at counter payment near that place.

You can check your passport whether it is done or not by WA or website. You can get your passport after a week. I took them after going home from Jakarta.

You have to know if you don't take your passport, your application will be canceled and you'll have difficulty to apply again. So please do not forget to take your passport on time.

For all experience that I have gone through, I give excellent score for immigration office especially Kediri immigration office. Thank youu. 😍

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