Day 342 in Japan: My New Habits during Living in Tsukuba

By miyosi ariefiansyah (bunda taka) - December 07, 2020


We will automatically adjust when we move to a new place. Consciously or not, the results of our adjustment will become a habit in that new place. And, I am not an exception. :) 

I've been living here for one year. And it's right. I do some things that I rarely do in my country. Here are my new habits during living in Tsukuba.

1. Going alone at night using public transportation. Alhamdulillah, so far the conditions here are safe and comfortable, so going alone anytime anywhere is fine. However, we must still be careful. Don't let our guard down. Don't forget to pray. 

2. Taking a shower before bed even though it's a late night. Of course, I am used to soaking in warm water. It makes me sleep soundly.

3. Always looking at the composition when buying food to make sure none of the ingredients contain pork or the like.

4. Riding a bicycle to support daily activities, not for sports. 

5. Walking in a long way almost every day. Most Japanese people do that too.

6. Always looking at the gmaps before going somewhere especially to the place that I haven't been visited yet.

7. Bringing plastic bags for our garbage because It's difficult to find trash can here.

8. Taking a bus or train in every going to somewhere. Just twice I used taxi, when I was in Nagoya and Ikebukuro.

9. Drying clothes in an automatic clothes dryer using coins. I don't always use it, only when it's raining or there is no sun. Once drying clothes, it cost 100 yen.

Alhamdulillah, so far I feel comfortable and fine with all my new habits in Tsukuba. For me, everything was a valuable and unforgettable experience. All will be beautiful memories. :)

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